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The English Express radio podcast offers audio files free of charge to everyone on earth. We record each and every week and new shows are posted online every Wednesday.

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Free English Language Lessons

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Cliff and Brandon are both from Sacramento California, and have been doing this radio podcast for 1 years.

We have listeners located around the world in the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Japan and others! Our show is laid back, fun, and sounds pretty much like the real morning radio I used to do professionally. We love all our listeners, whether you’re a native English speaker listening for fun or a language learner preacticing listening skills. Whoever you are, you’ll enjoy our show! Email: and find out more about the show by clicking here


The English Express:
FREE English Language Lessons

Have you ever wanted to learn and practice English with a native speaker (for free)? Every Sunday at 10:00 AM Colorado time, join us for a free live lesson. Current Colorado time is Friday 4:06 AM
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Video grammar lessons – Want to learn grammar? Check out our YouTube channel and learn something new right now! Email me for video requests!


Find out more about Cliff, and how to contact him!

Cliff Horrell is from Sacramento California, and has been a teacher of English for 8 years.

He now works in the hospitality industry, and only teaches on the radio.

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