Technical Difficulties, Writing Workshop, Citizenship Test

Well, today’s show was PLANNED out really well I thought-
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We started with a writing workshop, followed by a little bit of listener mail. We played the English Express Question Quiz game with questions from the US Citizenship test. I planned to do a story at the end about a time I wrecked my truck, but we ran out of time – so we will definitely do that next week for sure.

Unfortunately we had a number of technical difficulties, which had my internet connection down for a period of time, and it went down a few times during the show as well. Very irritating, (not the least of which was the damn intro music which sounded awful!!!!) however we will have everything fixed by next week. So, if you want to hear what it sounds like when things go terribly wrong, haha this is definitely the audio file for you! and hopefully it will still be entertaining and enjoyable.

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