Awful Ice Rink, Listener Mail & The Love Pile

We are back with a great English Express Radio program for you today. We start in Japan, where they have built an ice skating rink that many are calling “weird, immoral, and soulless”. We’ll tell you about it. Then, we got an email in from Peter in Nigeria who asks us a question about love, relationships, and sex. We answer him of course, and this leads us directly into the Love Pile.

In today’s love pile, we go over the new Men’s Health article “How To Have A Great Conversation With Women”. Compliments to make, and some you maybe¬†shouldn’t¬†make. Of course there are rules in dating, and we go over a few of those as well. Who should pay on a first date? Does a man’s ‘potential’ go up with his paycheck? Would you ever date your best friend’s ex? How about your brother’s ex?

Then in segment 2 we discuss men’s forgetfulness (spoiler alert: men are much more forgetful than women), how to know if your love is cheating on you (hint: if you find strange stains in the back seat or large amounts of gasoline spilled INSIDE the car to cover up the scent of another woman, it may not be a good sign. Lastly, we discuss a few instances of ‘good old fashioned family values’. When should kids move out, random drug testing in schools, and the like. Click here to download today’s audio file and share the show with your friends!

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