MLK Day, DMV Pennies, & Nazi Shoes

Monday was Martin Luther King Jr day here in America. If you don’t know who King was, he is an incredibly important figure in American history who fought for civil rights for all minorities in the 1960’s. He was assasinated by a bullet to the head and is now remembered on the 3rd monday of January each year. To honor him, we begin with a quiz – “Know Your King” where Brandon tests his knowledge of pop culture questions with the word “King” somewhere in the answer. 

Then, we discuss many interesting facts about Martin Luther King day, such as the petition that made in a national holiday was delivered to Congress in 1970 with a total of six million names on it. This in the age before computers or the internet, and was and remains the largest official petition in US history. Listen to our show by downloading the audio file and catch more information on this and many other facts about MLK.

Then we talk about how you know you have a mouse problem, a man angry at the DMV for giving him the runaround and not answering his questions gets revenge. With pennies. Lots of pennies. Swastika shoes from Conal International Trading company, and a woman who didn’t notice her sister had died under the kitchen table… for 18 months! 

We hope you enjoy listening to this weeks’ English Express Radio Program. Download the audio file and listen in your phone anywhere you go! Cliff & Brandon are radio talk show hosts from Sacramento, California. See you again next week with a new radio show!

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