All About The English Express Radio Podcast


Cliff Horrell

Cliff is the current host of The English Express Radio Podcast. He has worked for several different radio stations throughout his career, but this is his first attempt doing an all talk program.


He currently works as a manager for a local Colorado hotel, and hosts this program as a hobby. Send us an email to or send us a message on facebook and we’ll read your letter on the air!

The Big B

B lives in Sacramento California which is the same place he has lived his entire life. the only difference is that now it’s under a bridge. He enjoys discarded bananas and young teenagers who poke him with sticks

He does find time once a week to take a shower – whether he needs one or not. Hobbies include hucking snowballs at cyclists, spaghetti, and searching for new evidence of Sasquatch.

The English Express Radio Podcast

We’re not actually from England, but sometimes we do really bad English accents! If you’re looking for a fun & entertaining morning radio podcast, The English Express will get you where you’re going fast!


What the show is: A cheap form of therapy for us the hosts. We love to talk about the world we live in, and find a good way to connect with you, our audience, and inform and entertain. It’s a morning radio show without music, in podcast form. Give us a listen, we’re sure you’ll have fun.


What the show isn’t: Too serious. We’re here to have a good time, and we want you to have fun as well! By all means send in your hate mail and tell us how to do our show better. Just as long as you keep listening!


The show is posted for download every Wednesday.

What we talk about

Anything and everything, obviously. Send in a letter about what you want to talk about, and if it’s interesting – we will. If it’s not, we’ll still read it.


Usually Cliff prepares a number of news stories centered around a specific topic. regular features include listener mail. the love & romance pile, WTFlorida stories, homeless pile, gay pile, sports, weird news, quizzes, criminals, and other general categories of things to talk about.

Feel free to email in your suggestions!